About Us

History of the Company

The brief history of the establishment of RONGSOKAN.COM which was established on October 1, 2018 began with the approval of business ideas by utilizing household waste and the electronic industry, and it occurred to us as a supplier of electronic memos. Maybe people out there consider this electronic memo an unused product, but in large countries in Europe, electronic scrap is needed, which is used as a recycled material for gold.

Taking into account the results of electronic memos, especially in Indonesia from year to year continues to grow, therefore we want to continue to focus on maximizing the results of these electronic memos. The culture of cooperation of electronic memo collectors that is needed in the culture of realizing work that supports conducive and competitive collaboration, as well as creating and utilizing opportunities, winning business competition, able to improve everything that helps and enhances the company’s vision and mission.

Vision & Mission


Making the company an integrated and environmentally friendly Electronic Scrap Supplier and providing benefits to the community and the surrounding environment.


Establishing environmentally friendly Scrap Electronic Shelter Providing training to collectors to always be professional Helping the empowerment of surrounding communities through an Electronic waste management program.