Brief Company History

The brief history of the establishment of RONGSOKAN.COM, which was established on October 1, 2018, began with the emergence of business ideas by utilizing household electronic waste and offices, and it occurred to our minds to become Electronic and Computer Scrap suppliers. Maybe people out there consider Electronic waste a product that is already unused, but in major countries in Europe, Electronic waste is very much needed.

Our Product

Motherboard P4 Color

Motherboard P4 Color is a product that is obtained from a used computer, has a color feature on the board.

IC Plastic / Ceramia

IC Plastic / Ceramia is a product that is obtained from Electronic components, be it TV, Radio, etc.


Connector  is obtained from the end of the computer cable that connects the CPU and Monitor.

Mobile board

Mobile board is obtained from a machine or mobile board series long before Android.

Android Board

Android board is a component board of smartphones in modern times, namely Android, Android board has many kinds of series, including A +, A, A-, B +, B-, C, C-.

Chip Series H61

Chip Series H61  is one component of a computer motherboard, the H61 chip is obtained from a motherboard that has a board code initialed H61.


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